While pursuing my Bachelors of Music at UC Santa Barbara, I had the opportunity to perform at the Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation Competition. This competition led to a great season of growth for me as a musician. Throughout the performance process, I certainly appreciated how encouraging the judges were at every round. Due to my success in the competition, I was blessed with finances to continue my education in music. These funds were also used to help fund my music studies in Italy that next summer, which led to more opportunities in the music field. Throughout the competition, I also made great relationships that I still cherish till this day. I highly recommend any young professional to consider the Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation Competition for an unforgettable experience!


Azeem Ward
Jamie Chamberlin

I am incredibly grateful to PASF for providing me with the opportunity to compete and win generous cash prizes throughout my most formative years as a singer. An artist needs time and resources to grow, that that’s exactly what PASF gave me. As my artistry grew, PASF was there to keep me moving forward with meaningful investment in my career. Now more than ever, young musicians must develop a support system as they transition to a professional career. I’m so appreciative of the tireless work that Deborah Bertling and the PASF community continue to do, on behalf of these talented young artists.


Jamie Chamberlin

I was a freshman at UC Santa Barbara when I competed in PASF. It was an extremely valuable experience, because it was really one of my first competitions and performance opportunities.

Careers in music are extremely competitive, and performing well, and winning first prize at PASF competition was a big first step in my music career, and a great learning experience.

After I graduated from UCSB, I went on to continue my flute studies at University of Southern California, where I received my masters degree.

Then I won an audition for principal flute with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, where I work to this day. I think at that time, at 23 years old, I was the youngest principal in the country.

Thank you


Alexander Lipay
Jamie Chamberlin

The Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation was formative for me as a musician through high school and college. In addition to the financial support PASF provided for my education, preparing for the competition each year encouraged me to strive for excellence and gave me a unique opportunity to grow as a performer amidst a supportive community.


Rebecca Shasberger


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