The Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation (PASF) is dedicated to assisting young artists a they continue their musical studies. Each year PASF offers scholarships to deserving applicants who must submit an application prior to being selected to audition and then participate in a competition with their peers. The competition is open to Santa Barbara residents or those studying with a Santa Barbara County music teacher. Some of our past winners are now doing well in the performing arts all around the world, and we are proud to have had a part in their success.

Meet our 2017 PASF Scholarship winners:

Left to right: Leslie Cain, Fourth Place – Instrumental (piano); Lalia Mangione, Second Place – Instrumental (violin); Erik Fauss, First Place – Instrumental (viola); Timothy Beccue, Third Place – Instrumental (cello); Naomi Merer, Second Place – Vocal; Tyler Reece, Third Place – Vocal; Joanna Lynn-Jacobs, Fourth Place -Vocal; and Byron Mayes, First Place, Vocal.

2017 Winners and 2018 PASF Info