The Performing Arts Scholarship Foundation (PASF) was formed in 1982 by the late Mrs. Lincoln Dellar to provide aid to deserving vocal and instrumental students with professional potential who live and/or study in the Santa Barbara area. 

Mission:  The Mission of PASF is to provide financial assistance to students of the performing arts in Santa Barbara County and to support music educational outreach programs.

Board Members


Deborah M. Bertling, President

Dr. Marjorie S. Gies, Vice-President

Rosalind Amorteguy Fendon, Treasurer

Marylove Thralls, Secretary

Peter G. Bertling, Esq., Legal Advisor


Barbara H. Burger

Bridget Colleary

Christopher Davis

Ronald D. Fendon

Howard Hudson, CPA

David T. McKee, Ph.D.

Adrian Spence

Patricia Yzurdiaga


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